The Beginning

The 100 Proof Truth Podcast came about after Kilmister spent several months writing popular articles for web blogs such as Return of Kings and Thought Catalog, as well as being featured in an article on written by adult film producer and AVN award winner, Nica Noelle.

Initially it was decided he wanted a place of his own to archive all of his musings. But after an appearance on the Friday Night Lights podcast, hosted by his friend Jake Hirsch,  Kilmister was prodded by friends and readers alike to start his very own podcast. So he contacted his longtime friend and producer, ‘Producer Hobbes’, who agreed to help out. Here you have it, a one stop shop for all things Kilmister. His articles, appearances on other shows and websites, links to his social media, and of course the podcast. We hope you enjoy and interact with us as much as you can. Check out the contact tab for information on how to submit questions and comments via email, text and voice mail. We will even play your questions and comments on the air.

About Kilmister

20140626_180235 (2)Kilmister grew up in Central New York. This means you will have to also deal with his occasional rants about his beloved Syracuse Orange and New York Mets. He later spent 3 years in Atlanta, Georgia and has now spent 6 years in the amazing Hawaiian Islands. His name is inspired by legendary vocalist and bassist for metal mainstays, Motorhead. Kilmister realized early on his ideas and abrasive style were going to upset a lot of people, in particular women, and using his real name would not benefit him. Not uncommon for him to be harassed by angry and irrational women almost daily.

He is overwhelmingly opposed to the concept of marriage, and feels relationships in general are more often than not a waste of precious time, with some exceptions. Casual dating and sex are always promoted, of course. “Sleep with them, just don’t marry them.” People have needs after all.

Over the years his own experiences, and those of people close to him, exposed him to the harsh reality of what  many women are capable of, and how incredibly selfish and entitled some can be. The cliche has always been that ‘men are dogs’ and women are constantly victims. The reality is westernized women have surpassed men in that arena, and are more entitled and selfish than ever before. Whether it be the umbrella of feminism, or the overall decline of our culture as a whole, Kilmister believes in discussing these truths with like minded men and women, as well as opening more eyes to this reality.

Despite popular opinion of his detractors, Kilmister does NOT hate women. Not only does he receive support from many, he also has a social circle with which he enjoys the company of  plenty of women. This is not about hatred, it’s not about ‘Mens Rights Activism’ (MRA), it’s not about “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW), or any other male based movement. He is not a conservative, he is actually quite liberal. “This has nothing to do with political views or causes, but simply pointing out the harsh realities of dating/relationships, the red flags to look out for and what they usually mean. People in general just don’t take the time to enjoy life on their own terms, they focus too much time and energy simply trying to find ‘someone’, anyone. Fear of being alone drives people to make some of the worst, life-changing decisions you will ever see.”  It’s simply a forum for himself and like minded men and women to discuss these topics, often times in a satirical manner. “The rage and irrational attacks I receive from some women, and even some men, just tell me I strike a nerve. I don’t get mad and attack when I read  or hear something that does not apply to me, so I think that says a lot. Truth can hurt.”

He rapidly discovered there were thousands of men AND women who felt the same way. His article,  ‘Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man’, went viral and the wheels were set in motion for where we are today. As noted, Kilmister gets as much hate as he does love, but that is half the fun, and he welcomes it all. Don’t worry, Kilmister is always more than happy to share his brand of truth on other topics as well.

So sit back and pour yourself a shot of Kilmister and his 100 Proof Truth.20140629_113309